The Sea’s Gift

When I was sorting through papers the other day I came across a copy of one of my lost poems – one of my favourites.  So here it is …  The poems I have written to date are spontaneous as they come.  This one reflects the beneficial effect that walking by the sea can make to me.

The Sea’s Gift


Swirling, swelling, choffing about

ever there, forever no doubt

Wondrous feeling, breezing hair

Visual landscape, no compare.


Softly, seeping, lapping away

ever there, forever a day

Gentle ebbing, loving cure

Sensual feelscape, yet so pure.


Twilight, twinkling, milling anew

ever there, forever for you

Heaven crying, flowing deep

Mystical dreamscape, I will keep.


Sunshine warming, glist’ning delight

ever there, forever my might

Soulful cleansing, giving hope

Miracle seascape, I can cope.


Art for All – and Zentangle

I strongly believe that art in its widest sense should be available and accessible to anyone.  Many people may not have tried anything creative since they were at school.  I have seen how providing an environment where people feel at ease, together with a range of materials – sometimes just blank paper and felt tips – can have surprising results.  After an initial hub of conversation, a quietness descends as most people become engrossed in their own activity.  Some may struggle initially as it is a new experience but they often gain inspiration from what is happening around them, seeing what others are doing.  Their self-esteem increases and there is a sense of pride in their achievement.

i was intrigued when reading blog to find out about Zentangle, an art method that is a form of meditation as it is practiced mindfully.  It is suitable for young and old and can be done anywhere.  Check out the Zentangle website to find out how it started and hear the stories of some of the people who have been trained to teach this method and their own personal experiences of the benefits.


A Rose amidst Two Hearts

Inspired by photos on my first follower’s blog – kelzbelzphotography – I’m having a go at some close up shots of my flowers.  The light in my lounge is now dull but am relying on natural light with my IPad.  It’s surprising how so much more is noticed when looking closely at each individual flower and how the markings on just two of the petals lead me to see them as hearts.

A Rose amidst Two Hearts

A Rose amidst Two Hearts

Creativity and Wellbeing

Surfing on my iPad early this morning I came across information on the London Creativity and Wellbeing Week taking place 4-12 June 2015.  Apparently this has been taking place since 2012 and alongside this events take place outside London as part of Creativity and Wellbeing Plus.  Kicking off the week in London is a one-day conference Arts, Wellbeing and Health: promoting good practice and evaluation.

For information on the above go to


Hi everyone

i thought this was a great place to share some of my poems that I have written over the past few years.  Most of my poems have been very personal and spontaneous.  They may not be considered to be poems by some people but to me it has been a very special and therapeutic experience to get lost in creating lines of words which expressed my feelings.  It was somehow comforting.  I have yet to find my notebook where I have kept them all – when I do I will share some.  In the meantime I have set up a separate Poetry page for you and started with a poem I wrote for a creative writing class homework exercise – The Orange Globe.