I am new to blogging and am looking forward to seeing what develops over the coming months.  My aim is to share in a way that reflects me as a person.  You may expect to see simplicity and complexity!

I believe in the power of positivity and how our thoughts affect our experience of life.  Yes, life happens and we are not in control of everything that affects us but realising that we do have choices empowers us in living our own life and being happy.

I hope you will return again soon.




9 thoughts on “About

  1. Looking forward to more from Waves and Pebbles. Wonderful banner pic of the beach and the sea and particularly the precious and wonderful breakwaters – something massively close to my heart having grown up and spent most of my life on the South Coast of England.

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  2. I have already tried to reply and was editing my typos when it disappeared …
    Thank you for your kind comments. The sea is very special to me and I would love to return to the south coast where I grew up in Sussex. I do live near a river and not too far from the sea but the south coast just feels so different to me. Looks like today is going to be a nice sunny day at least here in Kent. Have a good one. Kay


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