Poem on a much delayed train journey to Brighton – untitled

Copyright 2011 Alexander, Flickr, CC-BY-SA, via Wylio

Copyright 2011 Alexander, Flickr, CC-BY-SA, via Wylio

Just found this poem.  I was on my way to Brighton to visit a school friend I had not seen for very many years.  It turned out to be a very special day.  This was written spontaneously on the very long (much delayed) train journey there after gazing out the window at the surrounding countryside.

I am life.

I am a leaf

growing out a place.

I live here,

here on the bank.

The trains pass me by,

no-one sees

‘cept those frustrated

with their time-thieved lives

and they are too blinkered to see.

I am a leaf of life.

Days and Memories – discovering quotations by Muhammed Ali and Cesare Pavese

Copyright 2012 Randstad Canada, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Copyright 2012 Randstad Canada, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

It fascinates me how a lone quote in my own notebook written about 5 years ago can lead me on an unexpected journey on the internet.  The quote was ‘Don’t count the days.  Make the days count.’  I discovered this was one of Muhammed Ali’s quotes.  Now in his 70’s, he has his own active website, Twitter and Facebook page with many memories and photos of his boxing days.

The quote must have resonated with me in the past, when I first recorded it, as it does now.  It’s not about how many days there are but valuing what happens on each individual day.  Live it like it is really important so that it means something.  At the same time, we may have something big to look forward to like a special holiday or life event.  We shouldn’t wish away the days between now and then, which in effect could waste those seemingly insignificant days.

This brings me on to another quote which my internet journey discovered.  In fact, on further research, it is two separate quotes by Cesare Pavese, award-winning Italian writer and poet who was born in 1908 and sadly committed suicide in 1950.  His diaries have been published following his death as ‘This Business of Living (1935-1950).

Copyright 2011 jessicahtam, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Copyright 2011 jessicahtam, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

‘We do not remember days, we remember moments.’ (1940)

‘The richness of life lies in memories we have forgotten.’ (1944)

These are both thought-provoking.  We have special days that we remember but do we really remember the whole day?  Are our treasured memories of the day itself or of particular moments during that day?

When it comes to the richness of life, if we have forgotten memories then perhaps it is because we have had so many special moments, and that they are not really forgotten.  My own personal experience is that many precious memories are triggered by photos and other memorabillia, things such as tickets, random notes, greeting cards, gifts – many things that I have thought it worth keeping and have stored away in a box or drawer.

Have a look around you.  Do you have a treasured ‘forgotten’ memory that you would like to share, including what triggers it?

Words – what would we do without them? Random poetic writing

Copyright 2012 Denise Krebs, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Copyright 2012 Denise Krebs, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

I have just stumbled across these verses written early one morning in the summer of 2010 sitting by the river whilst holidaying at Statford upon Avon.  The desire to write and getting stuck seems to have remained with me!


Aren’t words the wonder of all

they bring such treasures our way

Without them we’d fall with nothing to call

and life would be dull day on day.


We’d sing, no lyrics would come

we would hum, laa laa, dee dee

What would be the point, well ok for some

but for most so lost would be.


So writers what would they write

no way to convey their thoughts

However they tried, as hard as they might

they would drift and be out of sorts.


How would we share all our joys

that come bursting through our voice

Whatever we feel, whatever the noise

the message is not our choice.


With no words no wonder is

unless an artist could be

With colour and light, some pencil and vizz

would say all there is to see.


Words are the key to my life

without them what would I do

Be lost for a while, my thoughts would be rife

till vision could see them too.


A lesson it is for me

to be the best that I can

A story will write, for all it will be

for children, for women, for man.


A puzzle this has become

it didn’t set out to be

I will paint and draw, I will sing and hum

till the words they come to me.


Ward Wedding – a lasting memory of a brave young woman

Copyright 2007 Steve Jurvetson, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Copyright 2007 Steve Jurvetson, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

I was recently back on the cancer care ward for three weeks (home again now, thankfully).  One day there was increased activity in the morning and it turned out a wedding was to take place for a patient.  My first thoughts, how lovely that this was happening, followed by the sad realisation of why.  So it was with mixed emotions that I witnessed the preparations, and the guests and bridesmaids going to and fro throughout the day.  I caught a glimpse of the young bride in a wheelchair on her way to the ceremony that was taking place in the day room, where guests could spill out into the private enclosed garden.

The happy atmosphere filtered through the ward until the evening, yet it remained a private affair.  It must have been such an emotional roller coaster for everyone involved.  I thought how wonderful it was that the wedding had been possible, providing lasting happy memories particularly for her young family.  I thought of the young woman being able to experience such a special occasion with her family and friends, knowing that she had little time left.

There is no doubt that my emotions were heightened on that day and It has stayed with me.  It has since caused me to reflect on how people spend months and often tens of thousands of pounds planning a wedding, yet the most important and special part of a wedding are the people brought together for the occasion.  A wedding is an occasion to be celebrated and enjoyed in the moment, with memories to last a lifetime for everyone involved.