Copyright 2015, Kay/wavesandpebbles

Copyright 2015, Kay/wavesandpebbles

On the day of my first post in March 2015 what a lovely surprise to receive a beautiful bouquet of such vibrant colours. One week after returning home after a long stay in hospital, they were a heartfelt reminder of the kind thoughts of others and how precious they are. Going through a very unexpected and difficult time, it was the amazing love and support of family and friends that made such a difference to me.

I have a long journey ahead to fight my illness but I am not intending this blog to focus on my diagnosis and treatment. Instead it is about doing something that helps me achieve some of my goals at a time when I am very restricted as to what I am able to do. It is about making the most of life, often by enjoying some of the simplest things.

I believe in the value of memories and creativity. For me, journalling opened up the world of creative writing and poetry. I have long had an interest in photography and have discovered the therapeutic benefits of painting and colouring purely for fun. A life-long learner, I have had many interests. My bookshelves are filled with self-development and life coaching books, alongside many years of cookery books which include a precious Cordon Bleu cookery course set. More recently, it is the Social Sciences that have opened up a new world.

I am not sure where this blog will lead but I hope you may wish to join me on my journey and make some new discoveries that will inspire you and enhance the quality of your life.



March 2015

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