One Picture So Many Stories

Today, feeling somewhat reflective, I decided to revisit my blog and discovered an unpublished draft that shared the link to a guest blog post I wrote last summer. I was really pleased to be invited by Suzanne of Raising Midlife Vibrations to do this and the post ended up being my journey through writing. Whilst I am rather late in sharing this, I do believe that sometimes this happens for a reason – yet to be revealed! If you find this post helpful at this time I would love to hear from you. The link to my post is below and I thoroughly recommend you take time to explore Suzanne’s wonderful blog.

My day of unknown delight – trees, squirrels and chocolate

Yesterday morning I wrote two lines on a fresh page in a notebook:

‘Unknown Delight

What awaits the day ahead’

Copyright 2015 Kay/wavesandpebbles

Copyright 2015 Kay/wavesandpebbles

I was perhaps hoping that a poem would follow. Instead, I was distracted by the beautiful sky view from my bedroom window. It was 5.30 am. I had to get up early to catch a train to London to see a specialist consultant. I was so worried about oversleeping that I set numerous alarms and then woke up before them all. I reflected on the day ahead – what would I be told? What effect would it have on me? I had tried not to think too hard about it. So instead I was energised by the early morning sun, looking forward to my outing.

When I arrived at the station it was 7.00 am, the unusually deep heat of the sun was beating down on me. Apparently today was the hottest day for 9 years according to my daughter. The station was peaceful as the silent commuters marched to their favoured positions, aligning themselves with the anticipated spot where the train doors would be. I wondered if I would get a seat but there were plenty.

After one change of train, I arrived at my destination. On the way to the hospital I discovered a park which I decided to explore later. I found the staff and visitors restaurant and had a quick breakfast. It was not a place I wished to linger. It was hot, stuffy and surprisingly small for the size of hospital. My local hospital has a pleasant cafe with an outdoor terrace where I can enjoy reading a book with a milky foam-topped glass of hot chocolate.

Copyright 2015 Kay/wavesandpebbles

Copyright 2015 Kay/wavesandpebbles

I had time to return to the park before my appointment. The grass was dappled with light and shade and I was surrounded by the most beautiful large trees. It was an oasis in the midst of the city, with the traffic steaming past. I wandered awhile and came across some squirrels darting through the branches and scooting down the trunks and across the leafy emerald grass. I took a few photos before making my way back through the park. I discovered a charity there that encourages trees in the city. There was a gigantic weeping willow tree dominating an area designated for growing new trees, and next to that there was a community vegetable garden that anyone could get involved in. I knew nothing of region, on the outskirts of London, and It felt that I had just discovered an area where community development was embedded in the environment.

Copyright 2015 Kay/wavesandpebbles

Copyright 2015 Kay/wavesandpebbles

Somewhat reluctantly I left the park and attended my appointment. With relief, I came away feeling positive and, whilst there is still some way to go, I now had something of a plan and an end in sight towards normality.

With the intensity of heat, I decided to catch the train towards home straightaway and stop-off at a favourite shopping centre rather than head towards the centre of London to explore the sights. I ventured into the divine up-market chocolate shop and savoured a free meltingly delicious concoction that purported to be a cocktail. Hints of lime, mint and a kick of alcohol lingered on my tongue. I wanted to return for another but guilt moved me on.

After a while ambling around the cool indoor shopping precinct, I was hit by a wall of hot air as I entered the High Street and haphazardly made my way back to the station, buying a pale pink straw hat that provided my head with yet another different look and checking out furniture and wallpaper as I’m trying to give my home a bit of a makeover.

Back on the train, I pulled out my book and tried to get into the new story I am reading. It was just not happening. It is one of the early books of a popular author that I have enjoyed so am hoping I will soon be engrossed. I felt relaxed and calm, enjoying life day by day. That’s how I see it, a day at a time, and it makes life so fulfilling. Each day is different and so much happens.

I ended the day sitting out in the garden till late, feeling refreshed by the softness of the warm night breeze and watching the moon and the stars above. Always such a magical moment.

Reflecting on a poem written when a special friend was fighting cancer … It now seems so relevant to me

As I continue to sift through my journals, I have discovered my initial writing of this poem a few years ago.


Copyright 2011 Alice Popcorn, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Copyright 2011 Alice Popcorn, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Sometimes when we least expect

life brings us such a clout

It takes away the certainness

and leaves such rays of doubt


Why is all there is to say

then numbness takes its toll

Leaving not a thread of power

or strength to set a goal


We may not know the reason

we may not have a clue

Yet here it is before us now

we are one of the few


Chosen is not how we feel

and not a choice did make

And there’s a hint of loneliness

like lost within a lake


Then when it all seems hopeless

and dreams will slip away

Our precious jewels come to light

and rise above the hay


People that we love so much

those that really care

Treasured memories, special thoughts

arise as much they dare


Our life is such a journey

the ups, the twists, the downs

And we can choose to dance along

and sometimes be like clowns


The happiness, the sadness

our feelings are the best

And it’s OK to laugh and cry

to worry and to jest


Life is a timeless moment

that mindfulness can bring

Don’t worry what the future holds

for now is here to sing


Yet let your dreams stream onwards

with hope for what’s to come

Such wonder in creative play

and life is like the gum


There’s strength for when you need it

and friends will stick around

The treasure map will come to life

and joy will then be found


You have the tools to make it

you have the heart and soul

The special person that you are

will find and seek your goal


Enjoy the days that follow

take from them what you will

Let angels guide you on your path

to bring you up this hill


Let love and laughter join you

amidst some sadness too

Till once again the sun shines bright

upon your life so true

Journal find Summer 2014 – poetic lines written following spiritual experience by the sea

Copyright 2013 Matthew Hartley, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Copyright 2013 Matthew Hartley, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Just found these words scribbled on their own following journal entries on a very special visit to Tenby in Wales, a lovely place.

Happiness draws me through the tunnel of light

the whispers so precious have given me fight

Where will it take me?  Oh I know not for sure

but now it’s life’s journey, so precious, so pure

Words – what would we do without them? Random poetic writing

Copyright 2012 Denise Krebs, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Copyright 2012 Denise Krebs, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

I have just stumbled across these verses written early one morning in the summer of 2010 sitting by the river whilst holidaying at Statford upon Avon.  The desire to write and getting stuck seems to have remained with me!


Aren’t words the wonder of all

they bring such treasures our way

Without them we’d fall with nothing to call

and life would be dull day on day.


We’d sing, no lyrics would come

we would hum, laa laa, dee dee

What would be the point, well ok for some

but for most so lost would be.


So writers what would they write

no way to convey their thoughts

However they tried, as hard as they might

they would drift and be out of sorts.


How would we share all our joys

that come bursting through our voice

Whatever we feel, whatever the noise

the message is not our choice.


With no words no wonder is

unless an artist could be

With colour and light, some pencil and vizz

would say all there is to see.


Words are the key to my life

without them what would I do

Be lost for a while, my thoughts would be rife

till vision could see them too.


A lesson it is for me

to be the best that I can

A story will write, for all it will be

for children, for women, for man.


A puzzle this has become

it didn’t set out to be

I will paint and draw, I will sing and hum

till the words they come to me.


Morning Pages and an untitled poem

Many years ago I came across Julie Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way.  One very important thing I gained from this was the practice of morning pages (which can be done at any time of the day when you have peace on your own).  For those that don’t know, this involves having pen and a large notebook, a quiet and comfortable space on your own, and then writing a set number of pages (I believe it’s 3) without stopping.  Write about anything that comes to mind, don’t think about it or plan what you are going to write.  If you don’t know what to write, just write ‘I don’t know what to write’ repeatedly until something else appears on the page.  This may sound silly but from my own experience it really works and it is really surprising where the writing may lead.  Sometimes I have written poems this way and below are some verses that appeared one day.


Whatever dreams you may have

Let them sway

Like the trees in the wind going with the flow

With good roots, know that they’re OK.


Whatever thoughts you may have

They’re precious

Like jewels sprinkled on a moonlit pond

With respect, know that they’re secure


Whatever love you may have

t’is a gift

Like nothing else in the world

With love, know that you love.

Welcome to ‘Waves and Pebbles’

Copyright 2015, Kay/wavesandpebbles

Copyright 2015, Kay/wavesandpebbles

On the day of my first post in March 2015 what a lovely surprise to receive a beautiful bouquet of such vibrant colours.  One week after returning home after a long stay in hospital, they were a heartfelt reminder of the kind  thoughts of others and how precious they are.  Going through a very unexpected and difficult time, it was the amazing love and support of family and friends that made such a difference to me.

I have a long journey ahead to fight my illness but I am not intending this blog to focus on my diagnosis and treatment.  Instead it is about doing something that helps me achieve some of my goals at a time when I am very restricted as to what I am able to do.  It is about making the most of life, often by enjoying some of the simplest things.

I believe in the value of memories and creativity.  For me, journalling opened up the world of creative writing and poetry.  I have long had an interest in photography and have discovered the therapeutic benefits of painting and colouring purely for fun.  A life-long learner, I have had many interests.  My bookshelves are filled with self-development and life coaching books, alongside many years of cookery books which include a precious Cordon Bleu cookery course set.  More recently, it is the Social Sciences that have opened up a new world.

I am not sure where this blog will lead but I hope you may wish to join me on my journey and make some new discoveries that will inspire you and enhance the quality of your life.