Clouds – poetic scribblings

Prompted by a friend to write a poem on clouds, I reflected on what they mean to me.  It’s fascinating how thinking about something like this can evoke memories from the past.

I recall when I was at school we had acres of lush green grass, tiered with slopes that we could roly poly down.  The clouds made me think of when I would lay flat on my back on the grass gazing up at the blue sky and fluffy white clouds on a beautiful summer’s day.

I also remember how I enjoyed flying above the clouds for the first time when I was a teenager, looking down on them and seeing fairytale mountains.

The following are the words that have spontaneously come to me.


Copyright 2008, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Copyright 2008, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio




Stretched out on the emerald pillow

The light sapphire canvas blotched with stately mounds

Wishing I was up amongst the clouds

Gliding serenely o’er the world


Zooming beyond the realms of living land

The magical marshmallow mountains

Bestow a safe haven in my mind


Clouds are forever there, bumbling along

Swept by the whipping winds of fury

Today their blackened stains threaten

As the wands of wetness streak down


A passing theme in our lives

A cloudless sky perfection seems

Yet without clouds, life would pass us by

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