The Orange Globe – Poem

I wrote the following poem when I was attending a creative writing course and tasked with eating an orange and then writing about it. I chose to approach the exercise mindfully, which meant that I fully focused on every move. I had ensured that I had peace and would not be disturbed. I feel that mindfulness resulted in far more descriptive vocabulary than I would otherwise have used.

I previously shared this poem on my poetry page unillustrated.  Following my post on the use of images in blogs, thanks to another blogger I have now been introduced to Wylio and found the chosen photo which I felt was perfect.


Copyright 2010 Aurimas, Flickr, CC-BY-ND, via Wylio

The Orange Globe

Round and dimpled with a fiery hue.

Balancing on the shiny plate, aware of the carefully-placed threatening steely blade.

Light glistening through the window enlarges the pores, breathing life once more.

Almost perfect, it’s marks prove individuality.

Rough, bitter sharp rind tingles.

Soft grating renders the globe slippery, with a creamy and oily texture.

Thumbs pummel, pressing determinedly to squish open, testing strength.

The pithy coat yields yet resists.

Stabbed through the heart, crackling fibres torn.

Rough saw sound dissects, two halves fall apart.

Juicy pearls cradled within are savoured, sucked and dripping.

Shreds of that which remain discarded.

Fleshy nodules erupt in the mouth, flooding with tantalising golden nectar and a bittersweet lick.

Sticky and blessed, all that remains is a sunny mess.

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