Liebster Award again…!!!

I wanted to share Malvika’s answers to my questions for the Liebster Award – this award really brings out more about the person and how important blogging and creativity is. And the special memories we have of loved ones. Kay

The Forgotten Anon Girl

Thanks a lot Kay and Ellie for the nominations…this makes it five nominations for the same award. I’m honoured with all the love and support I’m getting here. It is difficult to express it in words. 🙂

I was nominated Liebster award –
(Ellie’s nominating post)

Liebster Award nomination – and my own nominations –
(Kay’s nominating post)

Ellie’s questions
1) Why did you start a wordpress blog?
– A friend coaxed me till I finally agreed. And I’m greatly thankful to him. I used to write even before I started this blog, but this blog is completely on his credit.
2) What first inspired you to write?
– Loss of a loved one.
3) What keeps you writing?
– I mostly write what I experience. Everyday brings along new lessons and surprises, and this makes me write.
4) Do you prefer writing poetry or stories?
– Poetry…

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