Reflecting on life at Caffe Vista, Tenby


Copyright Kay/waves and pebbles 2016

It is two years ago that I first visited Caffe Vista in the Summer of 2014.  I made a spontaneous visit and discovered this great place in Tenby which drew me back this year.  I was lucky on all occasions to get a seat on their small balcony.  There is plenty of seating inside which is really nice and a variety of food which I have not yet sampled.  I enjoyed a strawberry, raspberry and mango smoothie followed by a hot chocolate on my first visit of the day while I sat reflecting on the beauty of Tenby and thinking about life.  I then returned for a strawberry, banana and yoghurt smoothie to take another break from ambling along by the beach and through the narrow streets.  A lot has happened healthwise during the past two years and I felt blessed to be able to return.  Next door to the cafe I noticed that there are some holiday apartments which enjoy the same views – what a wonderful place to stay!


Copyright Kay/waves and pebbles 2016


Copyright Kay/waves and pebbles 2016

Tenby – stunning Welsh coastal jewel



I have just returned from Wales and spent a wonderful day at Tenby in Wales.  It is such a special place – beautiful beaches, interesting and colourful buildings, stunning views.  There is a good holiday vibe in the summer with many tourists but even during the school holidays this week the beach was not crowded.  I would love to visit in the winter when it is quiet, some would perhaps say bleak, but it is a place where there is so much natural beauty – a truly spiritual place to experience.






Journal find Summer 2014 – poetic lines written following spiritual experience by the sea

Copyright 2013 Matthew Hartley, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Copyright 2013 Matthew Hartley, Flickr, CC-BY, via Wylio

Just found these words scribbled on their own following journal entries on a very special visit to Tenby in Wales, a lovely place.

Happiness draws me through the tunnel of light

the whispers so precious have given me fight

Where will it take me?  Oh I know not for sure

but now it’s life’s journey, so precious, so pure

Welsh Home in the Morning

Welsh Home in the Morning


Birds are all a twitter

The tractors out to play

A distant sound of rumbling

Along the winding way


Water it is trickling

With golden weaves of fish

A lonely quack of duckling

To break the peaceful wish


Clouds so softly spreading

The trees stand proud each day

A single bark of wanting

To dance amidst the hay


People they are rising

With gentleness and calm

A far off plane is passing

What seems to be a farm


Rain it is so threat’ning

The air is damp and chill

A golden thread is drifting

To warm the writer’s quill


Earth is giving goodness

With leaves and buds and seeds

A show of labour’s loving

To meet the grower’s needs


Home is where the heart is

The gift of life to share

A blend of couple’s dreaming

And all that makes a pair


Wales it is so precious

With love for all to give

A place where nature’s living

Makes life so positive