Welsh Home in the Morning

Welsh Home in the Morning


Birds are all a twitter

The tractors out to play

A distant sound of rumbling

Along the winding way


Water it is trickling

With golden weaves of fish

A lonely quack of duckling

To break the peaceful wish


Clouds so softly spreading

The trees stand proud each day

A single bark of wanting

To dance amidst the hay


People they are rising

With gentleness and calm

A far off plane is passing

What seems to be a farm


Rain it is so threat’ning

The air is damp and chill

A golden thread is drifting

To warm the writer’s quill


Earth is giving goodness

With leaves and buds and seeds

A show of labour’s loving

To meet the grower’s needs


Home is where the heart is

The gift of life to share

A blend of couple’s dreaming

And all that makes a pair


Wales it is so precious

With love for all to give

A place where nature’s living

Makes life so positive

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