Art for All – and Zentangle

I strongly believe that art in its widest sense should be available and accessible to anyone.  Many people may not have tried anything creative since they were at school.  I have seen how providing an environment where people feel at ease, together with a range of materials – sometimes just blank paper and felt tips – can have surprising results.  After an initial hub of conversation, a quietness descends as most people become engrossed in their own activity.  Some may struggle initially as it is a new experience but they often gain inspiration from what is happening around them, seeing what others are doing.  Their self-esteem increases and there is a sense of pride in their achievement.

i was intrigued when reading blog to find out about Zentangle, an art method that is a form of meditation as it is practiced mindfully.  It is suitable for young and old and can be done anywhere.  Check out the Zentangle website to find out how it started and hear the stories of some of the people who have been trained to teach this method and their own personal experiences of the benefits.


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