The Sea’s Gift

When I was sorting through papers the other day I came across a copy of one of my lost poems – one of my favourites.  So here it is …  The poems I have written to date are spontaneous as they come.  This one reflects the beneficial effect that walking by the sea can make to me.

The Sea’s Gift


Swirling, swelling, choffing about

ever there, forever no doubt

Wondrous feeling, breezing hair

Visual landscape, no compare.


Softly, seeping, lapping away

ever there, forever a day

Gentle ebbing, loving cure

Sensual feelscape, yet so pure.


Twilight, twinkling, milling anew

ever there, forever for you

Heaven crying, flowing deep

Mystical dreamscape, I will keep.


Sunshine warming, glist’ning delight

ever there, forever my might

Soulful cleansing, giving hope

Miracle seascape, I can cope.


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