Memory triggers – Clouds (and Blogging)

Copyright 2014 Patrick Emerson, CC-BY-ND, via Wylio

Copyright 2014 Patrick Emerson, CC-BY-ND, via Wylio

I am playing around with a blog I wrote a short while back.  No-one appears to have seen it so I am changing the title and photo and see if this makes a difference.  The text and poem remains unchanged.  It would be good to get some feedback and to hear from others their own experiences of what draws people to read their blog.

Prompted by a friend to write a poem on clouds, I reflected on what they mean to me. It’s fascinating how thinking about something like this can evoke memories from the past.

I recall when I was at school we had acres of lush green grass, tiered with slopes that we could roly poly down. The clouds made me think of when I would lay flat on my back on the grass gazing up at the blue sky and fluffy white clouds on a beautiful summer’s day.

I also remember how I enjoyed flying above the clouds for the first time when I was a teenager, looking down on them and seeing fairytale mountains.

The following are the words that have spontaneously come to me.



Stretched out on the emerald pillow

The light sapphire canvas blotched with stately mounds

Wishing I was up amongst the clouds

Gliding serenely o’er the world


Zooming beyond the realms of living land

The magical marshmallow mountains

Bestow a safe haven in my mind


Clouds are forever there, bumbling along

Swept by the whipping winds of fury

Today their blackened stains threaten

As the wands of wetness streak down


A passing theme in our lives

A cloudless sky perfection seems

Yet without clouds, life would pass us by

Thank you for reading.  I welcome any comments you may have.

2 thoughts on “Memory triggers – Clouds (and Blogging)

  1. What a perfect pairing of photograph and poetry; both detailed, both with clarity, both lovely. When I started blogging I had very few comments, but I kept visiting the blogs of others and commenting and responding to any comments I got, and slowly but surely my audience grew. I made myself visit 5 other blogs every day and leave a comment, not just a like. I found them on the blogs of people who had commented to me. Thank you for writing; I know its hard when you’re not feeling strong and energetic.

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    • Thank you for your kind comments. It sounds like a good idea to set a target for commenting on other blogs. My initial aim was to ensure that I wrote regularly as I know it is something I could easily slip out of. Making new connections however increases the incentive to blog so I will have a go. I’ve just returned home after 3 weeks in hospital so hoping I get a chance to do more blogging before the next time as I was really starting to enjoy it.


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